About The Guild

Bay Area Professional Writers Guild


The only writers’ network in the Tampa Bay (FL) area comprising freelance nonfiction writers with a demonstrated track record in their fields, professional credentials, and high standards for ethics and quality.

BAPWG writers deliver on target, on budget, and on deadline.

BAPWG’s network offers skilled contractors in the following areas:


Technical writing

Ghostwriting and Authoring

Screenwriting and Adaptation

Editing and Proofreading

Web content development

Blogging … and much more!

Our Mission:

Founded in 1986, the Bay Area Professional Writers Guild seeks to serve and support our members to further their careers.

We are dedicated to increasing the professional and financial well-being of professional freelance non-fiction writers and authors in the Tampa Bay area through the sharing of resources, assistance in problem-solving, and joint marketing efforts.

Our objectives include, but are not limited to:

Promoting our intellectual growth;

Promoting our financial growth;

Increasing our understanding in dealing with editors and publishers;

Offering a quality resource of established, reliable and professional writers to editors, publishers, advertising and public relations agencies, and corporate entities;

Providing encouragement and skills resources to students with an interest in freelance writing or self publishing.


Our next monthly meeting is open to the public!

JOIN US Monday, 1:00 PM, April 25, 2016.

Creative Ideas for Sharing BAPWG ‘Profits’ as a result of the very positive state of our finances. President Steve Traiman and Anthology Project Chair Louise Harris will moderate, with updates on projected Guild expenses through year-end and estimated costs to publish our Member book.

All Regular Meetings are at:

1:00 PM

Panera Bread, Bardmoor Plaza

10801 Starkey Road, Largo, FL 33777

(corner of Starkey & Bryan Dairy Roads Click the image at the top left for directions)

 Upcoming Meetings & Events:

May Meeting: May 23, 2016, Barry Foster, who operates as “Everyone Needs A Coach”, will get attendees involved in a practical exercise for “Optimizing Your Potential for Success”.

June Meeting: June 27, 2016, same time and place.