HARRIS, Louise


LAST Research and Editing

1640 83rd Ave. N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Ph: 410-705-8656, 727-522-2304, cell: 480-370-3945

E-Mail: lastresearch@verizon.net

Web Site: www.lastresearchandediting.com

BACKGROUND: Graduated from University of Maryland School of Journalism in 1989. Worked as editor since graduating. Has been published in print & online, and heard on air. Author of two fiction novels & poetry. Won awards for poetry.

SPECIALITIES: Environmental reporting & editing, blogging, articles, journalistic research & reports, newsletters, legal writing, press releases.

PUBLICATIONS: Hazardous Waste News, Superfund Week, Hazardous Waste/Superfund Week, The Corps Report, Sludge, Clean Water Report, Nuclear Waste News, Howard County Times, The Maryland Report, Maryland Procurement Report, The Maryland Report’s Guidebook to Maryland Legislators, Metro News, investmentu.com, mobilicious.com, AssociatedContent.com, Patch.com, Sonora Living, company websites and news sites. Books: The 1776 Inn, The 1776 Scroll.

OTHER MEMBERSHIPS: SPJ, B’More Creatives, Tampa Bay Networkers


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