Membership Qualifications

Become a Bay Area Professional Writers Guild Member!


Professional Members

Any professional non-fiction freelance writer with paid writing experience who is interested in learning strategies to further improve their trade and market their services. Professional Members have made a career from writing. Many have worked for a major publishing house or media outlets. The Professional membership application requires:

A. Four (4) proof copies of paid non-fiction articles in print or online in the past twelve (12) months.


B. A non-fiction book published in the past two (2) years with proof of commercial sales (Amazon, distributor, book store, library, school, etc.)


C. A Non-Fiction book under contract with a publisher with proof copy of contract.

Professional Members will have their summary resume published in the annual member directory and on the Guild’s website. Dues for Professional members is $30. (prorated during the year)


Associate Members

Any professional non-fiction freelance writer with some paid writing experience but not enough for professional membership. That can include royalties for self published books. Associate members will have their name, phone and email published in the annual directory and on the Guild’s website. Application and annual dues for Associate members are $15. (prorated during the year)

 Apprentice (student) Members

Limited to 10 each year for serious “wannabe” non-fiction writers and students. This can include anyone who has never published or even seriously written any non-fiction outside of a school assignment. Each Associate or Apprentice/Student member will have their phone and email appear in our online and printed directories as well as on the Guild’s website. Annual dues and application fee for Apprentice members is $10.

Application Process

To join, obtain the application package by clicking on the appropriate image at the bottom of the left column. The package is a ZIP file which contains three files.

1) A general information PDF document about the Guild,

2) Instructions for filling out the application form in PDF format,

3) The application form itself in “.doc” format which can be opened in your favorite word processor.

When you are finished filling in the information in the application form, save it in either “.doc”or “.pdf” format. If your application does not require paper photo copies, you can attach the application file to an email addressed to the president (address in the instructions pdf). You will be notified by email when your application has been reviewed and accepted. You only pay the annual fee AFTER acceptance.

See you at the next meeting! Guests always welcome.