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All About BAPWG

The Bay Area Professional Writers Guild

Founded in 1986, the (Tampa) Bay Area Professional Writers Guild comprises nonfiction  writers in the Tampa Bay (Florida) area who have demonstrated track records in a variety of fields, paid publishing credentials, and high standards for ethics and quality.

BAPWG members are established professionals, dedicated to delivering quality writing on target, on budget, and on deadline. We offer our colleagues an exceptional networking opportunity.

Writing is often a solitary task, but the language we work with is being changed every day by the millions of people who use it. In order to stay competitive in our oh-so-creative field, we need to be careful not to insulate ourselves against those changes.

New technologies and a changing lexicon require us to take our fingers off our keyboards, set our sights on a wider, deeper view, and find out what’s happening beyond the virtual reality of our computer screens, or the tactile reassurance of our typing paper and typewriter platens.

Benefits of Membership

If you’re a professional nonfiction writer, membership in BAPWG has much to offer.

  • Listing in the print version of our Membership Directory, produced every summer and distributed to the top advertising agencies and public relations firms in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Listing in our online directory, which is updated throughout the year.
  • Your own page on our site, presenting your credentials and bio, listing contact information, even linking to your own website. You can create samples pages and link to them from your membership page.
  • Our online calendar, where you can submit magazine release dates for your articles, announce release parties for your books, inform members of your speaking engagements, or share other news about your professional successes.
  • Our monthly meetings, where we keep current with changing practices in our own profession while enjoying the company of other writers with diverse interests.

Speakers at our meetings demonstrate the latest technologies to make our work go more smoothly. They offer suggestions for improving our own bottom lines and providing greater value to our clients. They inform us of developing markets that can benefit from our skills. Sometimes, they just tell us about things that are fun and interesting.

If you’d like to experience BAPWG before deciding if we’re a good fit for you, we invite you to attend up to three (3) of our monthly membership meetings before we nudge you to support us with more than your presence.

Who can join?

Our application process asks prospective members to submit samples of four (4) paid non-fiction pieces, all of which were published in the last 12 months. Authors can submit proof of one (1) published book with a verifiable sales record, or proof of a manuscript’s acceptance by a reputable publisher.

You can download our membership application here. We charge a $30 non-refundable processing fee.

Annual dues are $30/year, payable upon approval of your application.

We hope you’ll visit our site often to find out what’s happening.

And we hope you’ll join us soon at one of our monthly meetings.


Professional Membership: Any professional non-fiction freelance writer with paid writing experience and is interested in learning strategies to further learn their trade and market their services.

Associate Membership: Any professional non-fiction freelance writer with some paid writing experience but not enough for membership – $15 annual, credited toward Application Fee that year.

Student or Apprentice Membership: Limited to 10 each year for students and serious “wannabe” non-fiction writers – $10 annual.

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