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BACKGROUND: Ph.D. in computer science; focus on cyber warfare & artificial intelligence; 24 years’ military experience; Extensive researching & writing non-fiction documents to science fiction stories; Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP); Certified Risk Management Professional (RMP).

SPECIALTIES: Researching non-fiction (technical and military) and fiction (military science fiction).

PUBLICATIONS:  Cyber War and other Modern Myths; Resilient System or a Pyrrhic Victory?; Mission Impacts in Cyber Events; Challenges in Securing Crowdsourcing Solutions; Mission Assurance in Computer Network Operations; Cyber Security-The Current State of Affairs; Science of Cyber Testing; Future of Computer Security Experimentation and Testing. Books: Walking Wounded – Inside the US Cyberwar Machine.

OTHER MEMBERSHIPS: Professional Assn of Diving Instructors (PADI) Dive Master;  IEEE; Cyber Conflict Studies Assn. (CCSA).