Hire a Guild Professional

Why hire a BAPWG member?

Because we deliver.

On target. On budget. On deadline.

Most members of BAPWG are general purpose writers, capable of handling a wide range of assignments.

Some have particular areas of expertise.

Our members have proven themselves to be capable, creative professionals before we welcomed them into our Guild.

We’ve earned our reputations by delivering top quality work, exceptional customer service, and good value for your hard-earned dollar.

Since 1986, BAPWG has been a valuable resource for editors, publishers, project managers, public relations and advertising directors, even private citizens with stories to tell who needed help with the telling.

Whatever your writing needs, a BAPWG member can help you:

  • Reach your audience

  • Sharpen your image

  • Improve your sales

  • Cut your costs

Cut costs?

Yes. You can’t save money by scrimping on quality.

Consider the frustrations and added expense of finding that your message missed its mark or, worse, sent the wrong message.

You’ve lost sales, lost momentum, and maybe even lost credibility with the people you wanted most to reach.

BAPWG puts you in touch with an impressive roster of professional writers in an array of specialities, so you can find the ideal writer, whatever your needs.

Our Member Directory

This is where you’ll find credentials, samples, biographies, and contact information for all of our members.

We’ve even included a list of Specialities to help you find exactly who you need in the quickest way possible.

If you need further information, we invite you to call our president, whose name and e-mail are listed, at right.

Thank you for visiting BAPWG. We hope to see one of your projects on the Samples page of one of our writers soon!

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